Thursday, April 13, 2017

April 13, 2017

     I hope you enjoyed the last post from my friend, Kelly Moncofsky.  We are still praising the Lord for what He has done for her. A lot of things have been on my mind these last few weeks.  Once you have gone through cancer, you are connected with folks you meet with cancer and sometimes even those you have never met.

     Recently a young woman who I never met passed away from her battle with cancer.  Her story is very sad but in the long run, we know who is in control.  Her and her husband were missionaires to the foreign field.  A month ago she gave birth to a precious baby girl, and two weeks later she passed away.  They have 5 children, so please be in prayer for this precious family.

     There are so many folks we know that is battling  cancer right now and we are praying for them and their families.  We know cancer is not only a battle for the individual person, but also for their families and friends.

      When I hear of someone passing from cancer or hear of another one fighting cancer, it just breaks my heart.  I have been their twice, we know what they are going through.  I know one thing, I HATE CANCER!!

      Hopefully, in the near future I will have some more testimonies to share with you.  Not only patients, but spouses, and other family members who are caregivers.  If there is anyone out there that maybe we could be an encouragement to, please let us know.

Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Kelly Moncofsky - March 14, 2017

Never A Friend Like Jesus
by Kelly Moncofsky

All your anxiety, all your care
Bring to the mercy seat, leave it there
Never a burden you cannot bear
Never a friend like Jesus.

Do you have a best friend? Someone who you can count on, tell your secrets to, be real with, “unload” your burdens to? I do. His name is Jesus. This song means more to me now, and in the past year and a half,  then it ever did before. I’ve sung it many times in church, but the words are dearer to me now. When you hear from the Dr. that you have the “C” word, life changes and Jesus really does become your dearest friend. In August of 2015 I was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. At the time, I was only 37 years old. Not something many 37 year olds hear. With a husband, 5 kids, and a church to take care of, this news was hard to bear. Put me into shock, actually. I knew something was going on because I hadn’t felt good for about 2 months prior. I still had no idea I was about to embark on a journey that would turn my world upside down. Millions of questions and scenarios raced in my head while my husband and I sat in the Dr’s office that day. I was literally waiting for someone to pinch me so I could wake up and say it was just a bad dream. However, it wasn’t. It was real, and I was scared. I remember sitting there, watching my husband with tears coming down his cheeks. It almost hurt more to see him hurting so badly. All I could do was pray. And pray I did! Unless you’ve experienced something like this yourself, you probably won’t understand completely what I’m about to say next. The peace that swept over me in those next few hours of tests and poking and prodding was absolutely unbelievable! “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee; because he trusteth in thee” (Isaiah 26:3) I didn’t lose it. I didn’t panic. I didn’t even cry which for me, is a miracle in itself because I normally cry over everything The Lord was with me. He was my rock (Psalm 61:2). He was giving me the grace I needed. He was bearing my burden!! To make a very long story short, I chose to go the natural route after all my tests and biopsies came back confirming my illness. I had no treatment for almost a year after, just a big change in my lifestyle and diet. The testing that I had done each month from the naturalist I was seeing showed that I was improving and that the cancer was going away. However, about 10 months into it, I started feeling terrible. I had no energy, I was losing weight, couldn’t even climb the stairs of our house. I was basically on the couch or in bed all day long. After several family members urging me to get blood work done, I finally agreed. My husband had to carry me to the car that day. We went to the ER and had blood drawn. Turned out, I was severely anemic…like, deathly anemic. My hemoglobin was 2.8. That is NOT normal. In fact, it’s considered critical. The nurses and my ER Dr. were in shock that I was still alert and awake. That was God! So of course I was admitted and given a blood transfusion shortly after. From there, they had to determine the cause of my anemia so again, several tests were done. The entire time I was going through these tests, the Lord was there, giving me peace again. He was once again, my best friend. I told Him I was scared. I told Him I was nervous, burdened and anxious. He knew. He took care of me. “Then they cry unto the Lord in their trouble, and he bringeth them out of their distresses. He maketh the storm a calm, so that the waves thereof are still” (Psalm 107”28-29) After many hours of seeing Dr’s, giving my blood away, getting new blood, having a heart monitor, etc. an oncologist met with me and told me that my cancer had spread and was now in my bone marrow, which was causing my red blood cells to be destroyed as well as my platelets. I was also at risk for bleeding. Yeah….that’s a big load to carry!! But Jesus said, let me carry it, child. “Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.” (I Peter 5:7).  My hospital stay ended up being almost 2 weeks. I had one oncologist tell me when it was just her and I in the room that I had about 6-18 months to live, with this diagnosis. Um…say what?! Boy was this a time to cast all my cares upon Him; to bring my burden to Him. I heard a lot of bad news in the hospital during those 12 days but honestly, I also felt the peace of God that truly “passeth all understanding.” (Philippians 4:7).  Unexplainable peace. I’m so glad I had Jesus as my best friend at this time. I’m so glad He was there with me during the MANY tests, biopsies, Doctor visits, blood draws, transfusions and scans. Friend, is Jesus your best friend? Can you take all your cares and burdens to Him? Are you? Or are you trying to bear them alone? It’s so much easier when you give them to Him. I’m ashamed to say it, but up until my diagnosis, I don’t think I really relied on Jesus to carry my load. I think I tried doing a lot of it myself. I trusted myself to get through the hard times and challenges of life. Maybe God put me through this to show me HE ALONE is the one to trust. My earthly friends are wonderful. I have some of the best of friends here on earth. But none of them could have helped me through all of this like Jesus did. None of them could have given me that peace. None of them could have sustained my spirit like He did. Psalm 16:11….in his presence is fullness of joy. Amen to that! So, its been 5 months since I came home from the hospital and to God’s glory, I have been making remarkable strides in my health. I went from having blood transfusions every 10 days, to not needing one now for 2 months! I feel great, have had encouraging Doctor appointments, and just feel like a new person, praise the Lord!! He is so good to me. I’m so glad He taught me to lean on Him more. One of my favorite verses while going thru this trial was, and still is Isaiah 41:10! Such powerful words! My story is nothing special. I know there is so many others who have experienced something like this, or who are going through it right now. I just wanted to brag on my Jesus for a bit, and let you know that you’ll never find a better friend!

Monday, March 13, 2017

March 13, 2017

Didn't realize how long it has been since I was on my blog.  With all the traveling we do, it makes it difficult to update regular because of Wi-Fi issues and computer set backs.  So with all that said, I am looking forward to adding some new articles to my blog.

Since my blog is basically about having cancer, I wanted to share some testimonies of other people who have gone through cancer themselves, a family member, or maybe a word from some care givers.

As we travel we have met many folks going through cancer and have been able to share our experiences with each other.  It is a instant connect with them.  We have shared many tears and have been able to pray with several families.  

Looking forward to sharing and asking you to pray for them as you read their posts.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

September - 2016

As you see I haven't had a new post for some time.  It is not always easy to update my blog, we don't always have internet access where we are parked.  

We have continued to stay busy on the road, helping small churches and starting new churches.  We have been blessed to meet many new folks and continue to see souls saved for the glory of God.

Nothing new on the medical side, we will have to check into new insurance and doctors in a couple of months.  Have not had any new check ups but we are trusting our "GREAT PHYSICIAN"  to keep me healthy and cancer free.  My sister Paula, still is cancer free.  I have some folks that you can be praying for that have cancer: 

 Kelly Moncofsky
Jonathan Goodpaster
Charity Jertberg
Ted Huston
Cindy Hall
Cathy Corle
Trish Seamon
Kristal Russo

There are many others out there that I don't know.  I HATE CANCER!!! I have gone through it twice myself.  September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month as well as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  I had Ovarian cancer both times and had good friends who lost their little boy with brain cancer.  You can't go any where without hearing about cancer.  

Well, until next time continue to PRAY for those going through cancer, you never know when it will hit someone close to you.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Busy Beginning of 2016

        We have been busy since the beginning of the year.  Of course, we are staying south while we can since we are in our trailer.  I must admit it has been chilly a few nights in the trailer.  One night we even had to drain the hose and turn the water off so it wouldn't freeze.

         We have been in churches presenting the work, a Mission's Conference, and helping a church in Louisiana.  I think we have had 8 saved plus a bonus having 3 family members saved.  What a blessing to see the Lord work in our family members hearts, folks we have been praying for, for several years.

         We have had to have work done on the truck, put 2 new tires on the truck, repair our electrical cord for the trailer and having the truck checked out again today (Feb. 10).  So they keep saying, there is always something to work on and I am beginning to believe it.  It is all in the Lord's hands.

         Since the new year we have had two churches take us on for support.  That is a great blessing.  Please continue to pray for us and for our support to increase.  We look forward to the day when we can totally concentrate  on just starting and helping churches.  

Medical Update - January 2016

         Well, the New Year started off not so good.  That is concerning our health insurance, thanks to our wonderful president.  I had my appointments scheduled at M. D. Anderson for January 5.  My first appointment, as always is for blood work.  Made that appointment with no hitches.  Next appointment was for my mammogram, go to sign in and they inform me that my account has been been blocked.  Due to change in insurance the beginning of the year.  Long story short, I was not able to have my mammogram or see my doctor.  So we went upstairs to cancel my appointment with my doctor and the receptionist said, "wait just a minute while I check to see if there is a charge for cancelling your appointment."  I tell Scott, "if there are any charges, they can send them to Obama."  Because of our wonderful insurance program, I can no longer keep my doctor at M.D. Anderson unless I can get a referral.

          When we got home from M.D. Anderson I sent a message to the nurse at my doctor's office to inquire about my blood work.  I wasn't sure they would give me the information for my CA-125, but they did and it was 9.7.  So at least, that is good.  Praise the Lord!

         Scott, has spent many hours searching for an insurance plan that we can afford and that will work for us.  He has spent many hours on the phone talking to many people who in the end have been of no help.  Today, (Feb. 10) he finally found us a PCP in Texas so we can have a doctor who will refill our prescriptions.  He has been working on this since the beginning of January.  We are not happy campers!!  I am sure there are many of you out there in the same boat.  We have an appointment the first week of March.  We will see how that turns out.


Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Catching Up With The Nettervilles - December 9, 2015

I didn't realize how long it had been since I had posted on my blog.  Isn't it amazing how times gets away from us.  I am pleased to say we are enjoying serving the Lord.  I am going to try to update y'all on what is going on.

Many of you already know we are missionaries with Ambassador Baptist Ministries. We are serving out of Faith Baptist Church, Bourbonnais, IL and Bro. Terry Anglea is our pastor.  We help start new churches and help small churches. We sold our home in Pasadena, Texas and bought us a 5th wheel trailer, truck and we travel around the United States.  People ask us where we live and I reply "where ever our trailer is parked.  It has been a year and a half since we got started and we are loving it.  What a blessing to go in and help small churches.  We have been there and know what they go through.  When we go to a small church, we may stay 3 or 4 weeks and help in whatever we can.  I will work the nursery, we will go out soul winning, we will help clean, we will babysit the preachers children so he and his wife can have a date night.  We also have been blessed to help start 2 new churches.  One in Breckenridge, Texas and the other in Springfield, Illinois both are still doing a great job.

As Scott calls trying to set up meetings for our deputation, almost every 3rd or 4th call is a small church asking us to come help them.  We have been blessed that we spend about half our time helping churches and the other half on our deputation.  Please pray with us to raise our support so we can concentrate on helping and starting churches.


Picture before Cancer Surgery