Thursday, October 29, 2009

Please Be In Prayer

Well, it is time to add another cancer patient to your prayer list. Please be in prayer for Connie Engelman, she is a pastor's wife in Fort Worth, Texas. She has been diagnosed with throat cancer according to the posts I have seen. Please, please be in prayer for her, her family and their church. Remember if this was you, you would want someone to be praying for you. Also, a update on George Doering, he had his staples removed yesterday and is very sore. Today, we talked to his wife Kathy and she was alittle down. I told her that is normal, you have good days and you will have bad days. Everyone tries to hold all their emotions in to be strong for the spouse with cancer or the rest of the family. You know sometimes it is just good to cry together and let it all out. That is how we were created with all kinds of emotions. It is a great release to just have a good cry. In fact, I must admit that I still get overwhelmed when I hear of so many people with cancer. You ought to read all the Care Pages about all the kids with cancer. Some days I just can't read them. It is still emotional to me and I can't handle it. But I go back and try another day. God is good to give us the strength we need, just when we need it. So let's try to give some strength and encouragment to those around us with this awful disease of cancer.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

M.D. Anderson

The whole point of this blog was to try to be a help to cancer patients and their families. Today confirmed when a co-worker came up to me and told me I had to share this with others. Her name is Kathy Doering and her husband, George recently had surgery at M.D. Anderson. I shared the following information with them and got him in at M.D. Anderson. If you have cancer or know someone with it, please try to help them get in to M.D. Anderson.
First go to now follow the rest of these steps, unless your doctor has already referred you.
Go to their web page - Getting Here
Patient and Cancer Information
New Diagnosed
Step 1 - Understand Your Disease
Step 2 - Patient self-referral form, etc.
As I get time I will begin to share my journey through cancer. My sister, Paula, and I both kept journals during that time because I thought one day I would want to share it with others. I guess now is the time.

Friday, October 16, 2009

What an Evening!

We started out tonight in search of a vehicle. We sold our car this week and so now we must find another. We are searching for a truck and we are wanting to take our time and get the vehicle the Lord wants us to have. I have 2 requirements, 4 door and running boards, we shall see. So away we go! Now we have been searching for weeks looking on the internet, so tonight we ventured out to look at some of them. The first dealership we went to, we get out and start looking we find the truck we had seen on the internet and no one even came out. So we thought we would just continue to move on. The next one we found one we liked but the salesman wasn't interested in working with us. So again down the road we go. The next 2 places we couldn't even find a salesman. So Scott says lets head home. We had seen a place on the opposite side of the road, but as we were heading back home, I asked him if he was going to stay on the feeder and at least drive slow by this place and we could look. Well, he pulled in and parked. Immediately a salesman came out, I let Scott go see if there was anything. I stayed in the van. (our church van) A little while later Scott and the salesman came to the van. The rest of this story takes a different direction. Steve the salesman says, "So you are a pastor?" He writes down what we were looking for and how much we could spend and said he would keep his eyes open for us. Then this man starts pouring his heart out to us. Last year when the hurricane hit they lost their home and the following Wednesday his wfie Melissa had surgery at MD Anderson for kidney cancer. After her surgery and time to be released from the hospital, Steve told them they had no where to go. And of course, they wouldn't release her because of no sterial environment for her. So for 2 months they ended up living in a Nuring Home, can you imagine? They are now living in an apartment and just starting to rebuild their home. The bad side of all this is they have given her 2 months to live. With tears in his eyes and by this time tears were running down my cheeks. Oh, my heart just goes out to folks going through cancer. It just makes me emotional. I feel their pain and want to reach out to them. Scott then told him that I had had cancer and he started sharing stories of things that had happened to them while at MD Anderson. Now we are all sharing stories and talking about how great God is. Oh, he told us from the start he and his wife were Christians. God makes no mistakes, and I believe he sent us to that dealership tonight to meet Steve. I told Scott as we drove off tonight that Steve was needing someone to talk to and I was still crying. So friends, please pray for Steve and Melissa Slaughter. He told us he would be praying for us, and as I asked him for his wife's name, told him we would be praying for them.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Surgery Yesterday

My co-worker's husband had his surgery yesterday morning. They removed his right kidney and his gallbladder. So far the cancer was contained to the right kidney. In a couple of weeks he will go back into surgery to remove some small tumors on the left kidney. I haven't talked to her today to see what kind of treatment he will be having. Please keep the Doerings in your prayers.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I Hate Cancer!

Today at work a lady whose husband has kidney cancer was asking me a bunch of questions about MD Anderson. We helped her to get him in at MD Anderson, and all this got me to thinking about helping other people out there. Her husband has already gotten in, was scheduled for surgery this next Monay, but has been put on hold. He had a lung biospy yesterday and they are waiting for all the test results.
I am gathering my thoughts on where to begin. I just want to be a help to folks out there who may be going through cancer, have a loved one with cancer, or who has lost someone to cancer. This is a devastating disease and effects thousands of people. Let's try to help others who are going through it right now and who are hurting. Well, this is all I have time for now. Reach out and touch somone who is hurting! God bless!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Another Day Working on My Layout

Still trying to figure out this blog stuff. By the time I get it figured out I will want to change it all. I am sure once I get the hang of it, I will love sharing with others. Thanks to my neice, Julie for helping me. She has a blog and it looks real good. I have several friends with blogs, but I have been alittle afraid to get started. So I am going to continue to play with my layout as I get started sharing with others about CANCER!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Where To Start?

This is all new for me, but the Lord has been dealing with my heart to start a blog to try to help folks who has had cancer, going through cancer, or has had a love one with cancer. Please be patient with me until I get use to this blog thing. Have a blest day!

Picture before Cancer Surgery