Thursday, September 22, 2016

September - 2016

As you see I haven't had a new post for some time.  It is not always easy to update my blog, we don't always have internet access where we are parked.  

We have continued to stay busy on the road, helping small churches and starting new churches.  We have been blessed to meet many new folks and continue to see souls saved for the glory of God.

Nothing new on the medical side, we will have to check into new insurance and doctors in a couple of months.  Have not had any new check ups but we are trusting our "GREAT PHYSICIAN"  to keep me healthy and cancer free.  My sister Paula, still is cancer free.  I have some folks that you can be praying for that have cancer: 

 Kelly Moncofsky
Jonathan Goodpaster
Charity Jertberg
Ted Huston
Cindy Hall
Cathy Corle
Trish Seamon
Kristal Russo

There are many others out there that I don't know.  I HATE CANCER!!! I have gone through it twice myself.  September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month as well as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  I had Ovarian cancer both times and had good friends who lost their little boy with brain cancer.  You can't go any where without hearing about cancer.  

Well, until next time continue to PRAY for those going through cancer, you never know when it will hit someone close to you.

Picture before Cancer Surgery