Sunday, February 3, 2013

Update on my New Website

Some of you have probably already seen my website posted on Facebook. Today I just wanted to share more information for you so you will know more about the Flexi Clips. Once you go to the webpage there you will see all of the products you can buy online. They also have videos so you will know what size hair clip to purchase. There are 7 sizes (Mini, Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large and Mega) so you will be able to find just the right size for you and for different hairdos. I have received 5 hair clips in my kit and have used them. They are not tight and do not slip out. I also have used the headband, it is adjustable and doesn't get tight on your head like most headbands do. Other items are hair sticks, you-pins, bobby pins, o-rings and badge holders. The hair clips can also be used decorative clips for scrafs worn around neck. So take some time and check it out. I really love my Flexi Clips. I have gotten many comments.
Check out the Flexi Clip for February.

Picture before Cancer Surgery