Thursday, February 7, 2019

February 2019

     Today I have been thinking and remembering a very special person.  Some of you know who it is before I even mention her name, Kelly Moncofsky.  It was a year ago today that she passed away from the awful battle of breast cancer.

      I am so thankful for all the special times I got to spend with her and their precious family.  Then to be adopted into the Moncofsky family has been such a blessing to Scott and I.  Since we never had any children Jason and Kelly were like are own, and then to have 5 wonderful grandchildren is just out of this world.

     Since I first began this cancer blog it is unreal how many people we have met or have heard about that have cancer.  There is no age limit to this awful disease, it hits the young and the old.

    I also wanted to share this article that Kelly wrote for me to share on my blog.  I thought I would share it again.  When you read it, think about her friend, Jesus.  Do you know him?  Is he your friend?  If not, please make him your friend today.  Message me and I would be glad to share Jesus with you.

Picture before Cancer Surgery