Sunday, December 18, 2011

Wow! What a busy couple of months! - December 18, 2011

Since my last post it seems like it has been non stop. With work, regular church services, special church services and trying to keep up with things to be done at home and now Christmas just one week away. Like they say, the older we get the faster time goes by. As a child, we think time goes by sooooooooo slow.

Since I missed even posting anything in November, I want to mention some things I am thankful for. I am so thankful for my health, once you have been through cancer twice each day is an extra blessing. I am thankful for my husband who has been there and taken care of me through it all. I am thankful for my family members near and far. I must confess the older I get the more I miss all of my family. I hate being so far away from all of them. On my birthday, November 14th I received an extra blessing. I was reading posts on Facebook and noticed a post from someone on a friend's page by the last name of Billadeau. Well, I just had to go back and check on this person. (My maiden name was Billadeau). So I started chatting with this girl on Pam Britt's page. Come to find out we are related, she was my 1st cousin's granddaughter. So I went to her page to check her out and by her speech was curious to ask if she was saved. So I went back to Pam's page and asked her if she was a Christian. Her reply was "Yes". Not only did I find a long lost family member but she also is a Christian. Thank you Jesus. That is not the end of this story. So I just had to find out how she became a Christian. She told me she was a bus kid at Faith Baptist Church, in Bourbonnais, Illinois. Wow, now I was really exctied and had tears in my eyes!!! Faith Baptist Church in Bourbonnais, Illinois is where I got saved, baptized and served the Lord for many years. This girl also got to attend the school there and is right finishing up LPN school in June and then will be attending Bible College. A couple of weeks ago we even got to talk on the phone. Looking forward to getting to meet her someday.

I am so thankful to Faith Baptist Church and all their soulwinning efforts. I am thankful that I learned many years ago to be a soulwinner there and am still winning souls to Christ. Folks soulwinning is a way of life not just something you do when it is convenient. I am thankful that my sister and brother-in-law cared to share Jesus with me. Stop and think who it was that told you about Jesus, thank them. Then stop and think how many people you have won to Christ yourself and are you still looking for lost souls. Christians there are lost souls out there we just need to go find them. They are someone's mom, dad, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, grandparents, friend, co-worker, etc.

With Christmas one week away let's remember what Christmas is all about. It isn't all the decorations, presents, Santa, etc. It is all about HIM! It is Jesus' birthday, let's pray about what we are going to give Jesus for his birthday. I have been teaching in my Sunday School class for 2 or 3 weeks now, "What are we going to give Jesus for His birthday? We have been putting things in a red package in our room and next week we will give it to HIM! Maybe you need to be more faithful to church, maybe you need to be reading your Bible more, what about giving, what about going soulwinning, what are you doing for him?

Things at Faith Baptist Church in Pasadena, Texas has been doing good. We have had several saved in the last 3 months. Looking forward to what God is going to do in 2012. Again, please pray with us for some help. We need help with our youth, someone who can do Children's Church, we need a piano player and someone to lead music.

Scott and I want to wish each and everyone of you a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year.

Picture before Cancer Surgery