Saturday, October 23, 2010

Prayer Requests - October 23, 2010

Just wanted to share some more pictures of how curly my hair is coming back. These were taken tonight after getting home from a Mission's Conference. Met one couple (Justin & Angie Arender) and his mother has cancer, her name is Diane Arender (missionary). Also, pray for Elmer Black having tests, his daughter is Angie.
Also, pray for the following people:
Thomas - pancreatic cancer (Scott's cousin Pam's husband)
Betty Clowers - cancer (friend of a lady we work with)
Mary Gray-missionary in Papua New Gunea - cancer starting a new chemo or her husband John for his health and their financial burden
Sherilyn Karamitros - missionary - cancer - her latest report was that every Wednesday she has chemo for 12 weeks (T chemo & Herceptin) after this then continue with Herceptin until August 2011. "Cancer markers" indicating no cancer.
Bonnie Bryan - Pastor's wife in Michigan - diagnosed with multiple myeloma - November 2009 (cancer of the bone marrow). September 19 she had a stem cell transplant, has been very weak, and in alot of pain. Then had a bowel obstruction, then graft versus host disease (common complication). October 13 had another stem cell transplant, she no longer has the graft versus host disease.
Barbara Conner - this lady was in our church, she is in constant pain 24/7 - Tuesday, Oct. 26 she leaves to go to John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD. Her appointment is Oct. 28, please pray they can do something for. I also want to thank those who sent her cards. She could use some more. 1011 Camden Rd., Pasadena, TX 77502 or
My next doctors appointment at MD Anderson is November 23.
I want to share a verse that spoke to my heart recently "...This sickness is not unto death, but for the glory of God, that the Son of God might be glorified thereby." John 11:4 After going through cancer twice, I just want to thank the Lord for healing me and using me during and now after. He is a great and mighty God. Please remember these prayer requests.

Picture before Cancer Surgery