Thursday, August 24, 2017

August 24, 2017

As I begin to update my blog I see it has been too long since I wrote something.  Sorry, for that but just like everyone else, we tend to be busy with all kinds of things in our lives.

So thankful for the ministry that the Lord has allowed Scott and I to do.  We don't take it for granted and thank him often for being used in the ministry.  We have had several issues with our trailer and it has created a lot of stress.  Looking forward to seeing how the Lord is going to help in all of this.  We know HE WILL.

We pray often for our health that we will stay healthy to be able to stay on the road.  We realize we are not spring chickens.  I have received several items in the mail and see online about Medicare.  Wow, does that mean I am getting OLD????  I know it is hard to believe but in November I will turn 65 years old.  People are shocked when they hear how old I am.  After going through cancer twice I am so thankful to be alive and am proud to share my age.  The old saying, " you never ask a lady how old she is" I love to tell my age.

Please continue to pray for folks going through cancer.  I have a list I pray for and I am sure you probably have some you are praying for.  It is a very difficult time for the person going through it and their families.  Praying for them is the greatest thing we can do.

Picture before Cancer Surgery