Thursday, June 9, 2011

Yeah, Good Report! - June 9, 2011

Just got my phone call from Dr. Soliman, my CA125 was 10.6. I am good for another 4 months. My appointment was at 11:00 am this morning and I really wasn'T worried but I find as the day goes on my mind starts wandering. I am so thankful that I have a great doctor and MD Anderson for my treatment but even more thankful to "MY GREAT PHYSICIAN".

Thank you for all your prayers. There are so many folks out there with cancer. As we sat there waiting to go in to see the doctor, I saw a young woman and her husband come out. I started remembering how I felt the first time. Wow, I JUST HATE CANCER! Please continue to pray.

Please be in prayer for the son of one of my co-workers, his name is Michael. He will be having a PET scan next week. He has already gone through chemo and it seems there is still some cancer.

Reach out an be an encouragment to others around you. We need to be there for others who are hurting. It sure helps them and it will help you. What a blessing it is. Time is short and they may need Jesus, let's share HIM!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Wow, Where Has The Time Gone!!!!! June 4, 2011

I didn't realize that it has been so long since I posted. Does that mean I am too busy? The fact of the matter is that I have to be in the right mind to think and type. Sometimes that takes me a longggggggggggggg time. Ha!

Since my last post we did our Sprint for Life walk at MD Anderson. Here are some of the facts for this years walk.

Over 2775 registrants - most ever
From 25 states
92 Ovarian cancer survivors - a record
$533,000 raised & donations still coming in
The goal was $33,000
I was so pleased with my group
"Debbie's Defenders" there were 14 of us. I had also wrote a tract "Meet My Great Physician" and we were handing them out. I had one lady tell me she was going to put it in her Bible and would pray for me, another lady took it, kept walking while she was reading and turned around and came back to me and said "What an awesome way to share the Lord!" Sure did make me feel good.

I sure do thank my sister Paula for coming and my niece Pam. Also, want to thank all my co-workers who came out to support me. Y'all were a blessing to me and Scott. We were so glad to be able to see Dr. Soliman and get her picture with me and Scott. She truly is a great physician.

Also, thankful that Pam took pictures and video of the walk. We will post more pictures as soon as we get them all together.

So my next appointment is Thursday, June 9. I would ask y'all to be praying for another good report.

Picture before Cancer Surgery