Thursday, October 29, 2009

Please Be In Prayer

Well, it is time to add another cancer patient to your prayer list. Please be in prayer for Connie Engelman, she is a pastor's wife in Fort Worth, Texas. She has been diagnosed with throat cancer according to the posts I have seen. Please, please be in prayer for her, her family and their church. Remember if this was you, you would want someone to be praying for you. Also, a update on George Doering, he had his staples removed yesterday and is very sore. Today, we talked to his wife Kathy and she was alittle down. I told her that is normal, you have good days and you will have bad days. Everyone tries to hold all their emotions in to be strong for the spouse with cancer or the rest of the family. You know sometimes it is just good to cry together and let it all out. That is how we were created with all kinds of emotions. It is a great release to just have a good cry. In fact, I must admit that I still get overwhelmed when I hear of so many people with cancer. You ought to read all the Care Pages about all the kids with cancer. Some days I just can't read them. It is still emotional to me and I can't handle it. But I go back and try another day. God is good to give us the strength we need, just when we need it. So let's try to give some strength and encouragment to those around us with this awful disease of cancer.

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  1. Great site. You said something really
    good. "God is good to give us the
    strength we need, just when we need it."
    I will Amen to that!

    God Bless You Dear Friend,


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