Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Beginning

It is time for me to get my journey with cancer posted. I have been talking about it and praying about it. I have had several people tell me that I needed to share it with others. For those who don't know, here it goes. In May of 2003 I was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer, stage 3 or 4 I don't remember. Either one is not good. They call ovarian cancer the silent killer. As I begin telling my story, somethings I truly don't remember. Some things I just blocked out. So as I begin write, it will be a combination of my journal that I kept and a journal that my sister, Paula kept.
I would like to advise women to get a CA-125 blood test done along with any blood work you have done. It is an indicator for ovarian cancer. A co-worker of mine found out she had ovarian cancer with the blood work we had done at work. It was caught early, she had surgery and didn't have to have any treatment.
Don't put it off. The earlier it is caught the better.


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  2. Thank God for your
    Wonderful sister
    that kept a journal

    God Bless You,


Picture before Cancer Surgery