Friday, November 13, 2009

The Beginning of Our Unpleasant Journey - April 2003

I've never been a sickly person or one to complain but in April 2003 I began having an uncomfortable feeling in my abdomen. I was having a hard time sleeping at night and would get up to go to the sofa. I would put two or three pillows behind my back and sleep sitting up. I remember many a sleepless nights just looking out the window and praying. I didn't feel bad but I was beginningto think something was going on inside. My abdomen was beginning to grow. We first thought I might have a bowel obstruction. We talked to our brother-in-law who is a pharmacist and he told us about some stuff to get to see if it would give me any relief. I tried it, cleaned myself out but still had the uncomfortable feeling. It wasn't before long that my abdomen became tight and rigid. All I wanted to do is sit and try to sleep. I was even uncomfortable to eat and drink. I always felt so full.
Scott began checking with Social Services to receive county care. We found out I needed to go to Huntsville to go to their clinic. We went to Huntsville Memorial to fill out some papers and we figured I would get to see a doctor. To our surprise they said it would take awhile. I was tired of not getting any rest and just wanted to find out what was going on. Scott continued to put pressure on the folks at Social Services and they finally let us make an appointment at HMH Clinic.
On Monday, April 14th I had my first appointment. I was seen by a PA (Physician's Assistant Mike Riddle) who examined me and then scheduled some x-rays and blood work at the hospital. A couple of days later we went back to find out the test results. Everything was OK. The PA then scheduled me for an ultra-sound.

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  1. Debbie,
    God gives us the intuition, and
    of course sometimes symptoms that
    something is not quite right.
    That is Exactly what happened to
    me also. With my tumor I had
    constant headaches.

    So Glad that you are in remission!
    To God be the Glory!!!

    God Bless You,


Picture before Cancer Surgery