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April 24, 2003 - The journey continues

Insert from Paula's Journal
We got up and left to go to the hospital around 7 am. Stopped for breakast. Scott and I made some memories. You'll only hear about those memories from Paula herself. Got to the hospital around 8 am and the doctor came in and told us that she wouldn't be able to go home today. Dr. Williams said that he was going to call in an OB/GYN on the case. Around 10 am they did a TB test on Deb to rule out everything. We really had a good day with each other. Did alot of laughing. Scott and I went to IHOP for lunch. More memories. They have been doing alot of blood tests on Deb. She feels like a pin cushion. After Deb got her supper tray Scott and I were going to go to Subway for a sandwich but we didn't make it.
Dr. Atkins, the OB doctor came in, sat on the foot of Deb's bed and started asking her questions, then hit us with the bad news. She has a malignant tumor on her right ovary. We all went kind of numb. He said he'd be back in the morning to do a pap and pelvic exam.
Thursday, April 24, 2003
Dr. Williams called in Dr. Atkins an OB/GYN. While there they kept track of everything I drank and also my output. They did a TB test and kept coming to get more blood. We waited all day for Dr. Atkins to show up.
Dr. Atkins showed up Thursday evening. He came in, sat on the foot of my bed and started asking me questions. He just blurted out I had a malignant tumor on my right ovary. I had so many emotions all at once. I felt mad, scared, upset and just wanted to block it all out of my mind. I didn't want to talk any more. Scott had to finish answering questions and talk to the doctor. He told us he would be back tomorrow to do a pelvic exam. Dr. Atkins told us he was going to call a doctor friend of his at MD Anderson to try to get me in there. It is not easy to get into MD Anderson especially without insurance.
Well, after Dr. Atkins left it was very emotional. Paula, Scott and I were all crying and hugging. Wow, what a blow! CANCER! Not me! I've always been healthy.
Insert from Paula's Journal
I left the room to give Scott and Deb some time alone. I called Jim (my husband) and all I could do was cry. I hate the thought of Deb having cancer, it just doesn't seem real. They don't know how bad it is until they get inside and check everything. I can't stand to see Deb and Scott and see the pain and fear on their faces. I probably look the same way.
Scott prayed and after awhile they (Paula and Scott) left. Scott checked with the nurses to see if I could have something to help me sleep because I was so upset. After they left I got out my Bible and began looking up Bible verses on healing and faith. I needed comfort and help that night more than ever.
The third verse I found was II Kings 20:5 which says, "...I have heard they prayers, I have seen your tears and I will heal thee." I claimed that verse that night. I continued looking up verses on healing and faith. When I was done I called Scott and shared my verse with him and told him I was OK. I remember laying down there and just started praying. Asking the Holy Spirit to comfort me and asking for healing from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. The tears just rolled down my face. I slept all night without a pill.
Insert from Paula's Journal
Scott and I left the hospital around 9 pm so he could make some phone calls and send out emials to have people start praying. We didn't say hardly anything all the way home. Scott just reached over and took my hand. We cried the rest of the way home.
Scott had a tough time making calls and telling people of Deb's condition. He almosted choked on the words and could hardly say the word "CANCER". He loves her so much and doesn't know what he'll do if something happens to Deb. He told me that he was glad I'm here for Deb but I'm here for him too. Didn't sleep much at all. Deb called around 10:30 pm and told us to look up II Kings 20:5. God is so good.

Well, friends this will be my last post until after the Thanksgiving week. Hope ya'll have a great Thanksgiving. I am so thankful to be alive and healthy. Please help others out there who are hurting and need some comfort. Tell them about our wonderful Saviour and GREAT PHYSICIAN.

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  1. II Kings 20:5 which says,
    "...I have heard they prayers, I have
    seen your tears and I will heal thee."

    The Bible Always has the answers!!!

    It is hard when we face a trial, but
    God is Always Faithful to us!!!

    Hebrews 13:5
    ...for He hath said, I will never
    leave thee, nor forsake thee.

    God Bless You Dear Friend,


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