Sunday, November 8, 2009

Looking Back

Six years ago on April 24 I was told I had cancer. Wow! What a blow that was to all of us. When a person is told they have cancer, it not only affects them but the whole family. It may even extend to friends and even strangers that you may meet along the way.
As I reflect back it is hard to believe six years have past. It was a long and hard road to travel. I thank the Lord for all the prayers and support that I was given.
During my stay in the hospitals, chemo and recovery my sister kept a journal. I started one myself but was unable to write in it because it was too difficult for me. Months down the road I picked up my journal and started writing again. I found it was still hard but in a sense it was therapuetic for me. I could not continue to live in denial. It was hard to believe that I truly had cancer. I couldn't even say the word. Cancer was something you read about, hear of others having it, and folks you would pray for.
I never asked God, "Why me?" I always said, "Why not, me?" God gave me 50 years of good health. I decided I was going to stay as positive as I could to get through the journey I had before me. I must admit it was not an easy road to travel.
Now that six years have past I would like t share my journey with others. You may be going down this same road right now or maybe have to go down it sometime in the future. Everybody's situtations are always different but maybe there is something I'll share that will be a help or a blessing to someone.
I will be combining my sister, Paula's journal, my journal, emails, and input from others to put all the pieces of these past years together. Again, I never asked God, "Why me?" but "Cancer, Now What?"

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