Saturday, September 11, 2010

September Ovarian Cancer Awareness

This is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Just want to remind my family and friends out there to get checked often. When you have blood work done have them do a CA125, that is for ovarian cancer. A lady at work had it done and found it early and she didn't have to have chemo, just surgery. Please for you and your family!
Thank you to my sweet husband, family and friends who were there for me. Once is bad enough, but twice was awful. Continue to pray for the cure for ALL CANCERS! I HATE CANCER! Continue to pray for those fighting it right now, their families, and those who have lost loved ones to this awful disease.
To our friends, Allen & Alicia Little who lost Kendrick last year. Pray for them, this is a hard time for them.

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Picture before Cancer Surgery