Friday, October 14, 2011

Prayer Requests - October 14, 2011

Just wanted to share some prayer requests with all you prayer warriors. All are cancer patients:

Leah Adams - waiting to find out what Stage she is in. (liver & lymph nodes)
Bonnie Bryan - in hospital, has a couple of fractures in back along with cancer
Joanne Nelson - ovarian cancer - in hospital right now, in pain and fluid still in lungs and abdomen.
Owen Ivey - haven't heard a recent update, but continue to pray for him.

Again, it seems like you hear of another cancer patient almost daily. I am sure you folks out there know someone with cancer or has gone through cancer. When you pray for these folks, also pray for their family, friends and medical staff. The support group is very important. The greatest support is our "GREAT PHYSICIAN". I don't know anyone can go through cancer without the Lord. Let's share HIM whenever possible.

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