Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day - 5/14/2017

I must admit today is not one of my favorite days.  Since I have never had any of my own children, as I get older Mother’s day gets harder.  While I was young it seemed that I handled not having any children easier than now that I am older.  Now that my husband and I are older, we miss not having any grandchildren.

I feel for all those young and older ladies who have never had children, I know how you feel.  As I go to church I must make a decision how am I going to answer everyone telling you “Happy Mother’s Day.”  Years ago I just decided to just say “thank you” and let it go.  So this morning a lady says, “Happy Mother’s Day” and I reply, “thank you”.  She doesn’t stop there, she says, “how many children do you have?” and I reply “none”.  Now she is apologizing and it is awkward.  Sometimes I wish I could just sleep through this day, but missing church is not an option for me.

I am totally happy for all you mothers out there and God bless you.  What is something else that hurts my heart is when you hear mothers complaining about their children.  How much sleep they aren’t getting, how children have totally messed up their life, or whatever else they can think to complain about.  Or see all the children that need to be adopted here in the USA and how expensive it is.  We totally prayed about children and adopting children when we were younger, but the Lord never opened those doors.  Like I said we were content and have been able to help others in our same situation.

Since we have been on the road with Ambassador Baptist Ministries I have been able to talk to others in the same situation.  Also, since on the road we now have 6 adopted grandchildren.  We adopted the first 5 and just recently a 16 year old boy adopted us to be his grandparents.

            So I guess as I am venting today and helping my hurting heart, I just want you to stop and think about other women out there who are hurting this morning, aching to be holding their own baby in their arms.

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  1. I read your post from Facebook early this morning and my heart was immediately touched! I have a busy morning but I just couldn't get this out of my mind. As you know, I know very well the pain you feel in this situation. We were childless for almost 12 years. I was broken-hearted! My hearts desire since childhood was to be a mother. My husband, being an only child, did not share my pain about it, replying that "If the Lord wants us to have children, we will and if He doesn't we won't!" I was hurt by that statement!!! I went through those years, happy in my marriage and happy in all that we were involved in at church. I mean to say that I didn't set around with my face all sad and my tears running down and feeling sorry for myself BUT there were those times when friends were finding out that they were pregnant and I was so happy for them but still that pain of thinking that I would possibly never have one, lingered. I know that you, just like me, are happy in your life on a daily basis but as you expressed, the pain is still there. People say things, unintentionally, that hurt. Perhaps that emptiness will never be filled with a child, but God is faithful!!! You all have so many spiritual children and when the time to face the Lord comes, having spiritual children will count way more than physical children. I love you, my sister in the Lord and share in your pain this morning by lifting you up in prayer. I sure hope that my Mississippi grandkids are some that you count as your adopted ones. I would be honored!!! Love you guys!


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