Tuesday, May 25, 2010

CAT Scan Day - May 25, 2010

This is how our day went today. We started off by getting up at 4:00 am went to work, arrived at 5:30 am. Clocked out at 8:45 am, went home fed the dog and changed clothes. Off to MD Anderson we went. All the directions (at MD Anderson) and info is for those of you who have been to MD Anderson, so you know what I am talking about. The rest of you just have to imagine it. HA! We always park at the Mays Clinic because it is cheaper. So we ride the shuttle over to the Main Building to the second floor for blood work. My schedule appointment was for 10:30 am but we got there and checked in at 9:50 am. Didn't have to wait too long, one stick there. While sitting there waiting there was a man sitting across from us, so sad, he had a tumor right under his chin and had a trach tube in his neck. Just remember to count your blessings. I always say there is someone worst off then me. So now we have to go to the Radiology Outpatient Clinic for my x-ray and CT scan. Never been to this building, so we have to catch a bus to take us there. My check in time there was 11:20 am, we got there around 10:30-45 am. Got called back around 11:05 am we are doing real good. As I am sitting in alittle office with a nurse and receiving the barium to drink, a doctor comes and and says I need you RIGHT NOW to the nurse. She leaves around 11:10 am and there I sit. Oh, I started drinking my banana barium. Yuck! Usually you go back out in the waiting room to drink your first bottle, but there I sit. Nurses and doctors are running back and forth in the hall. Then EMT's and an ambulance was called, they are running in. So after sitting there for about 30 minutes, another nurse comes in an apologizes for me being left in this room. She had just come off her lunch break and didn't know what was going on. So she tells me it is time for my next bottle and to change my clothes. So I ask her if I can go talk to Scott first. People in the waiting room we all alittle nervous wondering what was going on and who it was. They had gone out in the waiting room and got alittle old lady to come back, so then they new it was her husband. I come back, change my clothes and was given my second bottle. The nurse asks me which arm to start my IV, I told her which ever one you can find a vein. So she gets two warm blankets and wrapped my arms hoping that would help. When she comes back, she sees that I have bad veins, she sticks me, oops, no good. She starts looking again, calls another nurse over to help, she sticks and digs, oops, no good. So now we are at number 3, she finds one down by my wrist. That smarts! So because the the emergency in the back everyone in the waiting room is off schedule from about 30 mins. to an hour. I was the last one called back before the emergency. So even though they had the emergency I still got out early. My scheduled time for the CT scan was 2:20 pm but I was out of there by 1:20 pm. After my scan, I was waiting to get my IV out and the nurse I started with came over to take it out. She was thanking me for being patient as she was crying and tears falling on my leg. She had been with this lady until the hospital chaplain came to be with her. She was apologizing for crying, she said I have been a nurse for many years but it still affects her. I told her it was fine and we are all human. I told her when she left me I was praying and told her I would continue to pray. This couple were from out of town. I don't know their name but when you think about this little lady pray for her. I can't imagine loosing my husband and being by myself with no family. So now I go to the doctor this Thursday to get the results. At least, there will be no needles.

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