Thursday, May 6, 2010

Final Chemo Treatment - May 6, 2010

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! For all your prayers. It was a good day. We arrived at MD Anderson at Diagnostic area for my blood work at 8:00 am. One stick in the hand for blood, that was good. Then we went to the 6th floor for my doctor's appointment. We signed in around 9:00 am got called in for blood pressure and that around 9:15 am. We went back out in the waiting room and got called in again around 9:35 am. So when the doctor came in she told us what the plan was. In three week I will have a CAT scan and blood work and then the next day we go back to the doctor for an exam and results of the CAT scan. After the doctor's appointment we went up to the Infusion center where they started the IV for chemo. Praise the Lord! One Stick!!!! Now we had to go over to the Main building for chemo, we got there around 11:05 am. By the time we got called in and chemo started it was 12:20 pm. I slept quite a bit. My appetite not good, but everything went well. We finished around 5:05 pm. That is another blessing. I wanted to go up to the 10th floor where I was after surgery to see if we could see some of the nurses who took care of me. Yeah! Marg was there and it was a blessing talking to her. She told us it was a blessing to see patients they have taken care of. We hugged and even took a picture, which I will post here in a minute. Then on the way out we went back to the gazebo to take some more pictures. With all that running around MD Anderson, we got home around 6:20pm. It is amazing how Scott knows his way around MD Anderson. I just follow. Today he went to the financial office too. Now it is time to start paying. The lady in the financial office is a Christian and has been a blessing to us in that area.

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