Friday, August 13, 2010

Answered Prayer - August 13, 2010

Today was Scott's doctor's appointment. The nodules under his arm was from an infection in his glands. So he is taking antibiotic for it. Praise the Lord!
Many of you have gotten the email concerning Connie Engleman, please continue to pray for her.
Also, my co-worker Kathy Doehring sent me a message saying they found something in both of her breasts and is going to need biopsy.
If you or someone close to you is going through cancer or has had cancer, you know how it touchs everyone around you. Sometimes it can just be overwhelming. There are times I just can't read or hear about more bad news. Yet, I want to be a help or blessing to others out there going through this awful journey of CANCER!
There are so many ways you can help others going through it. When my co-worker was going through the first cancer surgery with her husband, I made her a care bag to take with her for the long wait of surgery. You can send snacks, mints, gum, crosswords puzzles, word search books, good book, tissues, magazines, etc. You get the idea. Call them, even if all you will do is cry. It is amazing how many told me if I call all I will do is cry, that is OK I will cry with you. We need the release. We need to HEAR the encouraging words from family and friends (even strangers). Send cards, I can't believe how many cards I have received from people I don't even know. When I was getting ready to go into the hospital this time, I asked several of our men friends to call my honey to encourage him. Go to the hospital with them and sit with the family while their loved one is in surgery. Pray and have others pray for them.
Received an email from Sherilyn and she mentioned how much of a ministry there is for folks going through cancer. You don't realize how many people have cancer until you are there. So if you are going through it or have gone through it, be a help to others. The Caregivers need alot of encouragment too. They are trying to stay strong for the sick person and need time to release their feelings and get away.
I have found that keeping a journal is helpful. Something to look back too and also to be a help to others. Of course, there were times I just couldn't write anything. In the long run it is good therapy.
So think about you can do, be a blessing to someone, and most of all don't forget to PRAY!

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