Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year - January 2, 2013

Happy New Year to each and everyone of you. Hope y'all are looking forward to a great year. It has some time since I have since I have written on my blog. I guess it started August of 2012, when a man came by our house and asked if it was For Sale. We had had it up For Sale but nothing serious. Scott told him "Maybe". Apparently they had seen the house when we had it For Sale and came back to check. So the process began, and it was a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggggggg process. We had hoped the house would of sold during the summer, since our work schedule is alot better, time wise. He signed a contract and I started packing. We also were in earnest looking for a house for us to move into. We were looking at foreclosures, while some were really bad and then were some out of our price range. With all this going on, thinking we would close sometime at the end of September. Also, school had started and our hours back to crazy plus all the work at the church. We found a house we liked but was still too high, so I continued to look. One day I was looking and I told Scott the house was off the market. I was sad. But I continued looking and found it was still on the market but the price had dropped by $10,000. He said let's call and check on it. So we made an offer and waited. In the meantime, we were not going to be able to close by the end of September. So we moved all our stuff to the church. Oh, yeah now we have no place to live??????? A preacher friend had offered us to stay in their profit's chamber for a couple of weeks. Then we found out from Scott's sister that her mother-in-laws house was empty with all the furniture still in it. Thank you Lord. So we moved into her house, thinking it would be just a couple of weeks. We had stuff at the church and now stuff at the house we will be staying at. The buyers for our house decided they needed an extension so they could get more money to do some work on the house. We are NOT happy. We moved out of our house on October 5. Alot of things going on with both houses, revival at church, and while the revival was going on we took the preacher and others out to eat. By the time Scott & I got to the house we were staying at, we were sooooooooo sick. FOOD POISONING, now we miss work along with everything else. Our stay at this house was 4 weeks, missed work for sickness and now we have to take off to close on the houses. That was another story, of where we had to go to sign and the deadlines, but God helped us through it all. Scott finally took time off and got us moved into our new house on Nov. 6. It has been very stressful and hard months, but am looking forward to enjoying our new house. If you are on facebook you can see the pictures of our new house. To update you on my health I am doing great. My next appointment at MD Anderson is January 10. So please be in prayer for good results again. God has been so good to me. Also, be in prayer for a couple of our co-workers Dawn & Becky they both have cancer. Hopefully I will be better at keeping my blog up to date.

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  1. Debbie,
    Can you have your husband, Pastor Scott, call my grandfather, Mark McNeil? He is gravely ill and needing to talk to his pastor. We tried calling and going by the church to reach him but the numbers listed aren't working. My grandfather's phone numberis 281 991-0488. Thank you for your help!! We will pray for your good health in this coming year. ~Heather B.


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