Friday, March 26, 2010

Way Past Our Curfew - 16 Hour Day - March 25, 2010

Well, my 4th chemo was a very long day. It started at 7:15 am arriving at MD Anderson and not leaving until 11:20 pm. Wednesday was a hard day for me also. It started by taking my pre-drugs I took my first dose of meds at 6 am and didn't finish until midnight. The first part of the day made me very tired, which was hard because I was working. The last dose was reverse and I couldn't sleep with having restless legs.

We arrived at the infusion center early to get my IV started, then went for my blood work. The tech who was drawing my blood was really wanting my hat. She just kept saying how cute it was. I told her when I left not to go looking me up after my chemo started and while I was asleep to come and snatch my hat. She just laughed.

Then up to my doctors appointment. We did get in early and out pretty quick. We arrived to the chemo area at 9:45 am but my appointment was set for 11 am so we just had to sit and wait. My chemo got started at 11:45 am and lasted until 11:10 pm

I decided to bring one of my scrafs to wear while laying there in bed. As you can see by my expressions things change as the drugs start flowing in my veins. Did get to sleep some this time and Scott got to get some sleep also. I take Friday off to try to recoupe some but Scott had to go to work Friday, we normally get up at 4:10 am but he slept in till 5 am.

The nurse checked with my doctor to see if she could give me a dose of benadryl and steroid before the last 4 bags which she approved. Because I had had them so early that they were probably already out of my system. So because of the last two reactions my last 4 bags of chemo are giving to me at a very slow rate. The first 3 bags are 1 hour each and the last bag last 2 hours. About 15 minutes left of the 4th bag we noticed a slight rash on both of my forearms. So they gave me another dose of Benadryl and obversed me for 30 minutes, checked my vitals and released me.

So 4 chemo treatments done and 2 to go. It looks like things are getting better, just taking longer. As I have said before there are always others worse off. There was a man who was checking in at 10 pm for his chemo right across from me. He was in so much pain. They were trying to get ahold of his doctor to be able to give him some pain meds. Scott said there was another down the hall in pain too. God is so good to me even while going through all of this. Again, thanks for all your prayers.

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