Saturday, December 12, 2009

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Grand Opening for My Online Avon Store
I am trying a new venture and also trying to make some extra money. Just go by my online Avon store and start shopping. Go to You can shop by brochures. There are alot of Christmas specials going on right now. They also have a Camcorder, just type camcorder in the search box and you can see it. This Camcorder includes the following: 1) camcorder, 2) digital camera, 3) photo album, 4) MP3 music playback, 5) MP4 video playback, 6) FM radio, 7) games, 8) calendar, 9) e-book, Also: 10) voice recorder, 11) PC web camera.
The best part is everything you order is shipped directly to your house. No Avon lady to deliver it. If you are like me, I like shopping online and I don't have to deal with any sales person. So go stop by my store and let me know what you think.

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