Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Yearly Check Up - December 22, 2009

Today was my yearly check up at MD Anderson. It started at 11:00 am with blood work and urine specimen. Then to get a mammogram and then on to my doctor's appointment at noon. Everything was going real good, I was even excited that I had lost 14 lbs. since my last check up. While sitting the the exam room a lady came in to have me re-sign some papers for a study I have been in for a few years for the study of markers for ovarian cancer recurrence. They upt it to 10 yr. study and there are only 100 patients in this study. All day I kept thinking of MD Anderson slogan on vans and such "Making Cancer History". Well, after she left the exam room to myself I started thinking "what if it comes back". So when the Physician Assistant came in Wow, did she gives us a blow. She said my CA-125 marker was elavated to 71. For 6 yrs. my count has been good, I think it is suppose to be at 35. Not what we expected to hear. I tried to stay strong, but the tears started coming. OK, we can do this. Scott is asking how I am and I am asking how he is. The doctor comes in and they do their exams and we start asking questions. Like since the count is not as high as before what does that mean? She said it could be from an infection or virus. A couple of Fridays ago I was sick in the morning, so maybe that has something to do with it. I hope!!!! She said it has been good for 6 yrs they just want to make sure. So they sent me for blood work again and a chest x-ray. Tomorrow morning at 7:30 am I will be having a CAT scan. So please be praying for us. I should find out something tomorrow about the CAT scan, cause I asked how quick we could find something out. This is not the Christmas present I wanted. We are doing OK, I guess. We are just calling folks and as them to put me on their prayer list.
Thank you to all our friends and family.
II Kgs. 20:5

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