Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Monday, April 28, 2003

Scott made some more phone calls and we went to sign up for SSI Benefits. He seemed to stay on the phone between Dr. Atkins office trying to get a referral from him to MD Anderson. Also, talking to Tara at MD Anderson. She would fax us paper work, Scott would fill it out and send it back.

Paula's Journal
Got up Monday morning not feeling good at all. I was real dizzy and sick to my stomach. Scott had to call Social Security office to set things up for Medicaid. They had to go to the office to sign some papers. I stayed in their room to be close to the bathroom. Not a good day for me.
Deb is feeling good and said she is in denial about things. They came home for awhile and went out on a date, which was the game plan for the day.
While they were out, Jim, Julie, Ren and Lorin called. They all called back later to talk to Deb. Jason and Gina got to talke to her.
I started to feel better tonight, was able to eat some cereal and pretzels. I hope I'm better tomorrow, Deb has an appointment at the clinic to see Dr. Olson to take out her stitch and maybe find out some test results.

Scott took me out on a date Monday night. He took me to Babins, we had Mahi Mahi. Who knows how long it will be when I will feel like going out, let alone eat. Scott is so good to me. I thank the Lord for him.

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