Thursday, January 14, 2010

January 14, 2010

Well, I will try to get you an update. I am still working on my journal that I have been trying to keep during my week at the hospital. I will go back and let you know of things that happened and some good stories in how the Lord blessed. But for now, let's just do today.
I had a doctor's appointment to go get my staples out. YEAH!!! We are sitting in the exam room waiting and a nurse comes in. She is very tall and starts bringing me up to her height. Wow, I was pretty high up! That part was free! Ha! She then tells me the doctor was busy and she would be taking out my staples. She had already put me down and now I am going back up. She says this shouldn't hurt. YEAH! RIGHT! Let me be the first to tell you it HURT! Only 33 staples to be pulled out. It feels better now.
After all that then the talk and questions about chemo began. Dr. Soliman asked us when we wanted to get started. We both said the sooner the better. So my first chemo treatment will be next Thursday, Jan. 21. I have blood work at 11:00 am, doctor appointment at 11:30 am and chemo at 2:00 pm. So this is an all day thing. Now we have to go over all the side effects, drugs, etc. sign consent forms. As we leave the doctor's office and walk to the elevator, I start getting weeping eyed. Here I go again. When going through something like this you just never know when the crying spells will come. So I guess today was one for me and my sister. My sister Paula, will be going with me next Thursday and then she will be heading back north.
Thank you so much for all your prayers.

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