Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday, Jan. 3, 2010

Well, it is 10:20 pm on Sunday evening. The dreaded night before surgery. Why is when you can't eat anything you want to, and when you can eat you don't want to? This morning at church alittle girl asked me if I felt sick. I told her no and proceeded to ask her when you are sick, isn't that when you go to the doctor. She said yes, well, how come I feel OK and I am going tomorrow and the doctor is going to make me feel bad. Something is wrong with this picture.
I've talked with several members of my family, laughed, cried and had several members of the family pray with me. I sure do love my family!!!! My nephew, Jim, really made me feel good when he told me I was going to have a BIG bobo! He is an OR tech. He knows all that medical lingo, I had to ask him to speak English.
Now that it is bed time, now the medicine is starting to kick in. I had to stop for awhile, because I was drinking the stuff 8 oz. every 10 min. until gone. I had about 2 or 3 glasses left and I loss some of it. My stomach became so upset. They ought to make this stuff taste good.
I'm so thankful for everyone's prayers and good wishes. I am totally trusting the Lord, but while we wear this ole flesh we still have nerves. I think my are kicking in some. Again, please continue to pray for Scott's health. Well, I better finish doing my typing. Talk to you in a few days or maybe a week or so.
Love ya,
Jer. 33:3; II Kgs. 20:5

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