Sunday, January 31, 2010

Six Hours in the ER

Six hours in the ER is not how we wanted to spend our Saturday. During the night Friday I had a coughing spell didn't feel anything different and actually spelt good. When I got up Saturday morning there was blood on my nightgown and we both said "Oh no". So I laid down and Scott checked me out and said we need to go the emergency room, your incision has opened up. So we prayed and got ready to go to the ER. Scott had to call Bro. Richard to take care of Saturday visitation and soulwinning. Praise the Lord for Bro. Richard. We arrived at the hospital around 9:15 am, didn't take long to get to a room. The nurse said at first not to eat because I might need a CAT scan. Right there we were not happy. That is when all the waiting began. I saw nurses but no doctor until around 11 am. He came in looked, pushed and said it probably will need a couple of stitches and it didn't look infected. But he was going to call one of my doctors attendants. Whatever they are called. In the ER rooms at MD Anderson there is a big comfortable chair with a bed, phone access and TV. Volunteers came by to offer coffee, tea, lemonaide, and water. Another volunteer came by to ask if we needed anything. Yes, this is in the emergency room. So we hadn't eaten and we both were getting hungry. Finally they said I could eat, so Scott went to the cafeteria and got us something to eat. So finally my doctor shows, checks me out and starts poking inside of me and says she is going to pack it and looked at Scott and said will you be able to do this. It will need to be done twice a day. She goes to check my blood work and it seems like forever before she comes back. In fact, Scott got a little nap. So she comes in and starts packing and I am sweating and feeling some PAIN now. She says did they give you any pain meds, I said NO. So we continue on. We got out of there around 3:15 pm. So we get home, now Scott has to run to Walmart to drop off my new prescriptions. A strong antibotic and pain meds. So around 8:15 pm I take my pain meds, so I am thinking I won't feel anything. So around 9 we start, injection went fine (only 2 left) but pulling out the packing and repacking was another story. I felt it all and I was crying, Scott was praying and sweet talking to me. I kept telling him it was OK. After all done I went to sit down at the computer to relax a little bit. Now I am feeling dizzy and sick to my stomache. It was long I was in the bathroom throwing up. I did that twice and decided to go to bed. Only to wake up at 2:30 am and was awake until around 5 am. While awake I finally got up read my Bible and prayed. I decided I wasn't taking any more pain meds and just taking "JESUS". So I told Scott that this morning, I took a shower, I got my MP3 player and it was a whole lot better this morning. So as I get you caught up to date, please pray for my honey. He is running ragged and taking very good care of me. I go back to MD Anderson on Tuesday. Pray I heal quick so this packing can quit. Thank you to my neice Pam for posting to my Care Page. Again, I can't you enough for all your prayers.

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