Saturday, February 6, 2010

CA125 Elevated - Not Good

December 22, 2009
Now I am going to start from the beginning for this journey. It was December 22, 2009, we just were going for my yearly check up at MD Anderson. As we were sitting in the exam room waiting for the doctor, a lady came in and asked me if I would continue in a study I have been doing for ovarian cancer recurrence. They wanted to up it to 10 years, I said sure and signed the papers. After she left I was sitting there thinking "What if it does come bac?" Well, the doctors came in and informed us that my CA125 was elevated to 71, not good. Wow, not what we expected to hear.

December 23, 2009
They scheduled me again for more blood work, chest x-ray and a CAT scan. The CAT scan was an awful experience. Of course, I had to drink the white stuff, which tastes awful. Then they start the IV. That was too bad. Now they get me ready to start the iodine push. Wow, the pressure in my arm was unbelievable. It pushed the needle out of the vein and all the iodine went in my arm. The tech had to call a doctor and a couple of nurses. They immediately put ice on my arm. The two nurses had to find another vein in my other arm. Which wasn't an easy task. The nurse who found a vein stayed with me until the CAT scan was done. So then I had to wait for a doctor to come look at my arm. She drew a line around it and I had to stay for another 30 minutes so they could keep an eye on it. I asked them to call Scott in. Wow, my arm sure was big. Scott said he was wondering why it was taking so long. After 30 minutes I got to change and go home. We had to keep checking my pulse and pinch my fingertips. If at anytime we couldn't feel a pulse we were to return to the emergency room. My arm was so big I couldn't bend it hardly. Of course, it was my right arm. After awhile at home I started to panic alittle so Scott told me to go lay down with my arm up. Putting ice on and off and keeping it elevated. Not a good time to have a big arm when getting ready for Christmas.
Around 5:00 pm Dr. Soliman called to inform us I had two tumores and that I was going to have surgery on Jan. 4, 2010.

December 24 & 25, 2009
By Christmas Eve it was better. Scott's mom came and spent Christmas Eve night with us. The rest of Scott's family came over Christmas day. We had a good time. Before everyone left we all had prayer together for my upcoming surgery.

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